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 Windows 7 Lite Version 13

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PostSubject: Windows 7 Lite Version 13   Sun May 13, 2012 4:52 am

Windows 7 Lite Version 13

x86 -648mb ?42yt489q3tcj9dn ?xli8v22imjjbdxh ?9527ph6l87agpt4 ?ki7bd0490bttnr6

x64 -930mb ?6lk8tn329zk6vk3 ?5l1vdmrt918x922 ?qqeyetu3d9vbx08 ?viyfpq5v1c7f65v ?6y7c900p92655bq


IE9 and WMP are included.

- DotNet 4.0 will now successfully install
- Slip streamed critical security update KB2639417
- Wireless shouldn't cause as many problems for people.
- Retained nearly all of the hardware support, though drivers are still required to be installed by the user
- Retained the Windows Diagnostic troubleshooter thing (not that it ever fixes stuff, but still)
- Retained Windows Update, although updating will cause errors due to WinSxS removal, without it stuff like DotNet won't install.
- Retained the ability to run this in compatibility mode manually

- Tweaks were not applied at first, allowing you to customize it to better fit your own use/likes.
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Windows 7 Lite Version 13
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